Bekasi is one of the key leading satelite cities of Greater Jakarata, located on the eastern border of Jakarta within the Jabodetabek metropolitan region, and easily accessible from Jakarta via the Jakarta–Cikampek Toll Road.
It is Indonesia’s most populated incorporated city, and one of the most populated worldwide, trailing only the likes of Incheon and Yokohama. The large number of multinational companies, the city’s connectivity and rising number of infrastructure developments and amenities has attracted both locals and expatriates to call Bekasi their home, making it a truly cosmopolitan global-class city.

Standing today as a leading center for global economical and industrial activity, the latest official figures (2018) of Bekasi population was 2,943,859, giving a density of 11,576/km2 It has an area of 210.49 square kilometres (81.27 sq mi), making it Indonesia’s fourth largest city, and second in West Java only to Bandung. With substantial urban infrastructure and amenities that includes major shopping malls, schools, club houses, water park, shuttle bus services to central Jakarta, and hotels such as Santika, Horison, Harris, Aston Imperial, Amaris, Amaroossa, and Tune Hotel, you can be certain life will never be bored or deprived while living at Bekasi City.


An International city, with one of Indonesia’s most youngest population living, studying and working amongst a global community, filling the city with youthful and creative energy. It’s a big, diverse community, brimming with energy, enthusiasm and ideas. It’s a diverse circle of friends who know you, support you and encourage you to reach your highest potential. Bekasi’s unique position as the leading city in Greater Jakarta region gives you full control to choose how you will make it. But one thing is certain; you’ll feel a sense of belonging and realize that here, anything is possible.

From its simpler times and humble beginnings as a suburban city, Bekasi is fast transforming itself into a creative and culturally diversified commune due in part to increasing number of foreign investments, as well as the regional government’s focus in improving the city’s social life, infrastructure, and creating a conducive business environment for both SMEs (small & medium enterprises) and multinational companies. Young entreprenuers who are willing to take risks on new ideas and businesses with uncertain marketability are opening cafes, retail stores, hosting cultural events and other new businesses that add new flair to the neighborhoods of Bekasi. A shining example of modern urban growth, there is never a better time than now to call Bekasi your home.